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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Malleable Light Evolves

Over the past few weeks I have not had the time or the mindset to pursue metaphysical things due to several projects in my life. These include starting a web hosting / programming company and opening a metaphysical bookstore.

I wanted to let people know that I am still very much into metaphysical things and have not lost interest, but instead am actually putting metaphysical things on hold so that I can get more into metaphysical things if you know what I mean. I think that opening a bookstore will give me more exposure to the subject matter than anything else I can think of. I will review the books and get to meet many more like minded folks.

Right now the store is just a concept in my head, however it will be called "The Malleable Light Bookstore" and will be hosted by me at malleablelight.com.

During my process to start up my web hosting / programming business I thought it only appropriate to host my own blog so therefor I have switched to wordpress and have written a custom template that preserves the essence of the blogger site that I had before. I am still in the process of migrating the data from my old site but things are going well and I am happy with the new site that I actually have 100% control over in contrast to blogger where I had maybe 50% :).

I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog and wish everyone the best. Please feel free to leave feedback about my new site and I look forward to hearing from you.

The new site can be found at http://www.malleablelight.net

Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Extended Out of Body Experience

Last night I went to bed at 12:30 AM with a orgone transfer sitting above my head linked to my RAD 5 which was pulsing my orgone field at 63 HZ. I didn't have much trouble falling asleep and was snoring in 10 minutes or less.

I don't remember the dreams I had early into the night however at what seemed about 4 AM I had a very vivid dream of being on a passenger jet plane, sitting in the cockpit while the pilot was flying too low at takeoff. There was a fleeting moment of fear when I noticed that he wasn't going to clear the house in front of us and then I was suddenly standing out in front of the house with an odd feeling that my body was somewhere else injured leaving my soul standing in front of this house. The rest of the dream was spent looking for my body. I seemed to be half lucid through this entire dream and I ended up meeting this girl that was helping me out in some shelter type place for souls that were temporarily out of body due to violent life threatening injuries. The people running the place seemed to be very rude and cruel and kept speaking in a language I didn't understand.

I was still with this girl later in the dream. We were hanging out at a swimming pool after sneaking out of the shelter when I suddenly woke up in sleep paralysis and sensed a threatening presence beside me. This was odd to me because I knew that nothing should be able to harm me so I turned 90 degrees and realized that presence was my cat.

The room I was in was not my current room. I was in my childhood room, or at least that's what my double was seeing. With a forceful will I demanded myself out out of body. I thought I woke myself up at first but then realized I had transitioned to out of body. I didn't think about where my physical body was at this point.

The first thing I noticed was that some extremely cruel thoughts were flowing through me. I picked up my cat and threw her into the closet and violently closed the door. I then felt my thoughts normalizing and my waking life clarity locked in and I actually felt bad for throwing the cat into the closet so I let her go. I wonder if this really was my cat and if she was perceiving the same thing?

I remembered that in my previous out of body experiences I was unable to travel to different places and that irritated me so I tried a technique that I read in Monroe's first book. He was able travel to a person's location by thinking about their personality and leaning his body in the direction he thought they were relative to where he was.

Well... I tried his technique and it seemed to work very well. The only difference was that I used the send button on my blackberry wireless device instead of leaning :). I may not have actually found who I was looking for but I did travel to at least 15 different places this time, of which only about 4 I can actually remember. The other 11 I know happened because I committed to memory during the experience that I had visited 15 places but would most likely not remember them all.

I used to work with a guy who was always poking fun at me for experimenting with astral projection so he was my first target. I thought about him and then hit the send button. I suddenly felt my body moving rapidly into darkness. The feeling of motion in one direction continued and in front of me I could see psychedelic fractal type patterns forming into circles which then morphed into colorful wormholes that my form was sucked into. This continued for 5 minutes and then I found myself walking down the street in front of my childhood home. I found myself thinking about the environment around me as I normally do, questioning the reality of the situation. It's a very odd feeling in that I know I'm not awake but at the same time the trees, the street and everything around me is just as viable as waking life. The only difference is that I know that I am not in waking life.

I proceeded to walk to the house I grew up in and guy I sought was inside on a computer. When I approached he noticed me and looked out the window of my mom and dad's old room and told me that he saw me. This was interesting because it seems unlikely that it was actually him, so I conclude that my mind must have been creating the entire thing. Another possibility might be that it was him but my perception was way off and my mind was filling in the gaps the best it could and perhaps with time my perception will get better. I walked through the wall of the house and stuck my hand through the monitor screen and my hand tingled when I did. I told him I would see him later and focused my attention on travelling to someone else that I currently work with.

I hit the send button again and I felt the movement again just like before. The same colorful patterns appeared and I was travelling for what seemed like about 10 minutes and I ended up in an unfamiliar house at Christmas time. There were several kids opening gifts and they seemed to see me and were talking to me. I don't remember what they were saying but I did tell one of them to remember the moment. I lost interest with this location and decided to try a validation for a member of the astral pulse.

I hit the send button on the blackberry and the movement and color were present. This time I had the sensation that the area around the patterns of color was enormous. I was traveled for several minutes and then faded into a place that seemed to be on the Australian coast line. The only reason I say this is because I appeared in a group of people under this tent like pavilian and they all had Australian accents. They seemed to be filming some sort of recreation of a historical event. I spoke to several of the people and they seemed to be making fun of me somehow, although I forget exactly what they were saying. We moved away from the tent and into a set with a bunch of buildings and this is where I saw the movie cameras and I definitely knew they were filming something. I wish I understood how this event taking place in Australia linked to the person i was seeking to validate for. It really doesn't make much sense to me and I guess I will never know because while there I had this overwhelming urge to travel to an orgy.

I hit the send button again and went through the same patterns as before and ended up in a room of several people having sex. I will not go into details but it was very graphic and I was very tempted. I was there for about a few minutes at most and started willing myself to wake up. Within about 5 seconds I actually felt my self transition into my bed at home in waking life. Once again I chicken out on the orgy scene.

I wish I could remember all of the other places I went but I am grateful recalled at least some of it. Every time I would travel to another location I would be thinking in the back of my mind that the attempt was going to wake me up from the experience like in the past when I tried, but for some reason it worked this time.

There are many aspects of this experience that makes me think that it was just a dream but at the same time I had full waking conscious with all of my waking memories and logic present. I knew my name and the names of the people in waking life that I was attempting to travel to or validate for. I must accept a shattered view of reality if I consider the experience an just a dream because the thoughts and statements of others in the experience were completely random and foriegn to me just as they are in waking life. I can never be sure that anything I experience is not just a creation of my mind. I also knew I was sleeping and was even fearing that I would wake up or lose the experience somehow.

When I woke up it took me 15 minutes to re-associate myself to reality due to the clarity and realness of the experience.

I would be interested in hearing feedback from others on this one.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lucid Dreaming about Astral Projection - Counts for Something right?

I hope it does, because lately, it's all I've got. Last night I had another dream about projecting. I'm not sure it would be considered Lucid Dreaming, although I did realize I was dreaming and then project. I can't remember exactly what I was dreaming that was a cue to realize I was in a dream. I just remember realizing it, and then lifting myself through the ceiling and trying to project. Unfortunately, I didn't get anywhere.

I remember a distinct feeling that Chi is stronger together, but I can't remember the context that I heard/thought/felt this in. That's a bit frustrating.

I have to trust that with time, it will get better. I go through the same cycles when I write. There are times when writing flows and it's easy and I write and write and write. There are other times when I feel empty, when ideas are incubating. At those times, part of me feels as though I might never write again, and the other part trusts that it's part of the process. I know that I incubate ideas. The ideas have to pull themselves together within me, and sometimes I just need a rest. Ultimately, I pick up pen and paper again. I've always picked up pen and paper again. I'll be 30 this month, and I've had the same process since I was six and wrote my first poem.

And so, I'll wait, and trust that I will be Astral Projecting again. I'll have lucid dreams to write about. My consciousness must be incubating.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Dry Month

I didn't see very much activity this month in the realm of Astral Projection and I'm not sure why. Once again this is not a surprise, I have only been experimenting with Astral Projection for about 5 months. Things that I suspect contributed to the dry spell include too much work at my day job, a two year old that wakes me up constantly and lack of a good strategy.

I am not sure what I can do about work other than to meditate more and learn to put it out of my mind. I will continue working with my 3 year old daughter and hopefully she will start sleeping in her room all night soon and then lastly I want to focus exclusively on the techniques that I am learning in Astral Dynamics going forward.

I am 140 pages into the book and Robert Bruce seems to have intimate knowledge of the underlying science behind Astral Projection and of the energy bodies and chakras. I will not know for sure if it's 100% legit until I have more experience with the system, but it seems reasonable and logical at this point.

I am currently in the early stages of MBA and T.I. which Bruce suggests is the foundation for all of the techniques throughout his book. MBA (Mobile Body Awareness) deals with ones ability to focus body awareness on specific parts of the body while T.I. (Tactile Imaging) is the active use of body awareness to directly stimulate and manipulate the substance of the energy body.

I will continue to meditate and try for OBEs however my goal at this point is to learn Bruce's system inside and out and use it exclusively for awhile and then possibly expand on it in the future. I will continue to post updates of my progress through the Astral Dynamics system.

I am grateful for my successful out of body experiences achieved while using many different techniques learned from literature by Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Vessen Hopkins, Nicholas Newport and many others. This has proven to me that it's possible and given me the motivation to become more precise and methodical in my approach.

To everyone reading my blog, thanks for reading and good luck on your journey, whatever that journey may be.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Walking into Awareness

Last night I went to bed late and didn't set the intent to leave my body while I was falling asleep at the beginning of my night. I fell asleep around 12:30 AM shortly after my 3 year old daughter climbed into bed with us.

I woke up at 4;30 AM after having a dream that I was living in and owned the house in Tennessee that I grew up in as a child. I don't understand at the moment why, but several people I work with were living there too. I went and used the restroom and came back to bed and fell asleep.

I woke up again at 6:30 AM and noticed that my arm had been in an awkward position and had waken me up due to poor circulation. I figured that I had enough sleep at this point and set the intent to have an OBE.

I settled into a position and became very still and ran the mantra "I am out of body now" though my head several times until I fell into sleep again. I remember repeating the mantra about 4 times and then found myself walking down an unfamiliar road headed towards my parents house that I had dreamed about and my mind still had recollection of my coworkers and of my previous dream earlier in the night.

While I was walking down the road my awareness was definitely in a dreamlike reactive state at first and then I simply walked into awareness. It's hard to explain this but as I walked down that road everything around me transitioned into waking awareness and became not only clear in my mind but clear in my vision as well. I was seeing things around me with waking clarity and I could not tell if I was OBE or awake. I felt a familiar fear surge through my body as if I was in waking life suffering from some sort of amnesia.

I continued to walk for a few seconds and then my logical brain clicked into place and I knew I could test this reality by attempting to fly. I jumped up off the ground and then while in the air I focused on wanting to fly. I felt a magnetic like force take hold of me and then a movement upwards started off slow and increased in speed until I literally felt the g-forces on my body as I accelerated upwards. I flew up and past the top of the trees and then my awareness shifted again into a knowing that I was either dreaming or was out of my body.

Seconds after I realized I was not in waking life I found myself in bed and I was spinning and had a slight but almost unnoticable vibration or warmth flowing through my body. I tried to hold onto this and project back out but I eventually woke up.